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From the storied, rich and diverse sound of the City of Brotherly Love comes the next great band to represent the heart and soul of Philadelphia.

American Religion, a band that follows their own path with harnessing influences that are far and wide from all genres of music and then forging those styles into their own stamp and style of rock & roll.

The band features the soulful and angelic Amy Sklar Chiappine on guitars & vocals,  the eccentric and free-spirited Brad Davis sharing the guitars & vocals are joined by the incredible and dynamic Jason Mento on guitars, keys & vocals.  They are joined by the funky and cool Ed Fritz on the bass guitar & vocals and the bricklaying David Orant on drums/percussion & vocals. 

We are simply a group of good people who want to make great music with heartfelt original songs coming from our own unique perspectives and life experiences, with the same authenticity and passion as when we created American Religion.

Amy Sklar Chiappine is a singer and songwriter hailing from South Jersey. Her love for music has been a lifetime passion. From early memories of carefully playing Blondie records on her parents turntable, to working at Tower Records during college and receiving an exceptional music education from some of Philadelphia's finest musicians. It was during this time that Amy bought her first guitar and began writing songs.

In the 1990s, Amy collaborated on several musical projects, and in 2002, she recorded a demo of original songs. After a brief stint in New Orleans, Amy returned to her roots in South Jersey and embarked on a new journey in the mortgage industry.

It was in this unlikely setting that she met her future husband, Frank. Their shared love for music, particularly Nick Drake, sparked a connection that led to their marriage in 2007. Amy then became a proud stepmother to Frank's daughter, Hannah. In 2010, the family expanded with the birth of their son, Benjamin.

While motherhood took precedence, Amy never let go of her passion for music. Singing and songwriting remained a constant in her life, providing a creative outlet and a source of joy. In 2022, Amy decided it was time to return to performing and began sharing her songs at local open mic nights.

Her musical journey took an exciting turn when she crossed paths with David Orant for the second time. After a successful audition, Amy was thrilled to become the newest member of the band, American Religion.

Brad Davis:  With an enduring passion for music that spans over four decades, Brad has quietly and humbly made his mark in the world of strings and melodies. Born in Abington, PA in 1967 and later making New Jersey his home in 1975, Brad's musical journey has been a harmonious blend of dedication and curiosity.

At the age of 13 Brad began his musical odyssey, studying guitar with a private teacher. His thirst for knowledge and mastery led him to study under the guidance of accomplished guitarists like Bob Neuberger and Reggie Wu, as well as vocals under the dynamic Mark Evans. It was in these formative years that Brad began to explore the vast tapestry of musical influences that would shape his unique style.

As a young musician, Brad performed festival stages with a full band, and drew inspiration from the likes of Rick Nielsen, Steve Howe, Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, The Edge, and David Gilmour—each a master of their craft who left an indelible mark on his musical soul.

Despite never pursuing a professional music career in the spotlight, Brad found his calling in the studio. For a decade, he immersed himself in the world of music production, showcasing his talents as a versatile studio musician proficient in keyboards, guitars, and other stringed instruments.

Beyond the realm of music, Brad is a devoted family man, husband to his loving wife and proud father of three daughters. His love extends to the animal kingdom, where he cherishes the companionship of furry friends. Brad's fascination with the sciences has always kept his mind inquisitive, and for the past decade, he's dedicated a significant part of his life to the thrilling pursuit of bike riding.

Jason Mento has an unwavering lifelong passion for music, ignited by the melodic hymns sung by his mother in the Church choir. These early memories of her soulful voice filling their home served as the foundation for his enduring love affair with music.

Jason's musical journey began with piano lessons at a young age, setting the stage for his musical exploration. His dedication to the art led him to the school band, where he honed his skills playing the saxophone.  At the age of 15, he picked up the guitar and it has become an inseparable part of his life.

Jason has worked for his musical chops, earning a Professional Certificate of Guitar from Berklee College and performing regularly throughout the Philadelphia area. He's stood before crowds small and large, performing at everything from intimate gigs at local eateries and clubs to crowds at Atlantic City casinos, Penn's Landing, and the iconic Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia. WXPN's Philly Local show, hosted by the renowned Helen Leicht, invited him to perform live on-air one of his original songs, ‘Goodbye Age of Aquarius.’

Jason composed and recorded a theme song for the charity organization Fun for Fosters, an inspiring initiative dedicated to uplifting and empowering foster children in New Jersey while tirelessly championing their cause.

In a thrilling new chapter of his musical journey, Jason has recently joined the dynamic original band, American Religion, fueling his excitement for the future and further enriching his musical experience.

Ed Fritz, a native of the Greater ChicagoLand area, developed his musical prowess at a young age by immersing himself in the vibrant Blues Jams on Chicago's West Side. These formative experiences taught him the art of collaboration within a band setting. Following a stint at music school, Ed embarked on a diverse musical journey, spanning genres like Pop-punk, Rock, and even Country.

A pivotal moment came when his brother beckoned him to join forces in New York City after crafting an EP with 360 Twist records in Colorado. Together, they formed a dynamic garage punk trio that graced the usual haunts and expanded their reach.

However, as the adage goes, all good things must come to an end. Ed eventually found himself in Southern Utah passionately dedicating himself to animal welfare efforts, further highlighting his commitment to making a positive impact in the community, While there he pursued his musical talents with cover bands, bluegrass ensembles, and supported local songwriters.

Returning to the East Coast, Ed continued his musical journey by collaborating with a diverse array of songwriters, contributing to their recordings, and performing live in support of their music. As life took its course, Ed settled down, married, and became a proud father. He adapted his musical repertoire to include Dance bands, Southern rock outfits, and funk ensembles. It was during this time that Ed crossed paths with the Bricklayer, David Orant, from American Religion.

To this day, Ed remains an in-demand musician, offering his skills and talents to local musicians when they call upon him, all while enjoying life as a dedicated husband and father.

David Orant was born to a single mom who took him to all the concerts she went to, and he was very heavily influenced by the Philly heavyweight band in the 80’s, The A’s.  It was during this time that he watched their drummer Mikey Snyder and took unofficial lessons from him and modeled most of his drumming styles and mannerisms from his time learning from Mikey.  He absolutely loves live music and between going with his mom, his aunt or just by himself, he has been to well over 1,000 concerts.

Some of his other drumming influences are Max Weinberg, Ringo Starr, Kenny Aronoff, Will Calhoun and others in the rock and jazz world..  From a musical standpoint, the bands that really molded him are The A’s, Living Colour, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen & The E St Band, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Queen.

In the past, David has played in bands since he was 12 years old and even tried a 3 year stint as a guitarist so the girls would talk to him, but wasn’t thrilled with the role of being out front.  He battles with social anxiety and has always been one to try and hide in the dark behind his drums and cymbals, to be as mysterious & invisible as he can be and let the thump of his drums be his only presence for the crowd. 

David has also expanded his skills into the world of HS Marching Band, College Marching Band, Drum Corps and also played with his college orchestra, symphony, percussion ensemble, jazz band, pep band and sang in multiple choirs as well.  He was thrilled to have played with the Utah Symphony for Handel’s Messiah at Christmas Time while attending college in the mid to late 1990’s in Utah. 

David is happily married to his wife, JannaLee, whom he met in college, for well over 27 years.  They have 3 amazing kids, David Jr., Carter & Ashlee and a furbaby, Bella.

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